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Benson Grist Mill Farmers Market


Closed for the season


Tooele Valley Nursery Farmers Market

Closed for the season



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Active Transportation

Active transportation is any self-propelled, human-powered mode of transportation, such as walking or bicycling. Physical inactivity is a major contributor to the steady rise in rates of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other chronic health conditions in the United States and in Tooele County. Tooele County Health Department Health Educators are working with the Tooele County Community to help promote and improve Active Transportation throughout the whole county.


Phase I Completed in 2014 of Active Transportation Plan In Tooele City

Wasatch Front Regional Council Active Transportation Committee


Tooele County Trails


Tooele County General Plan


Smoke Free Parks

6-22-1. Smoking prohibited.

In the unincorporated areas of Tooele County , smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of public playgrounds, play pits, sporting areas, children and animal venues, gathering places, concession stands, and pathways. It shall be permissible to smoke in public parking areas and other designated areas at such venues. (Ord. 2006-12, 3/28/06)


Macey's Healthy Check-Out Lane

Macey's checkout

Vine Street Market
Vine Street Market now sells fresh produce.

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