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Learn How Walking in Nature Changes the Brain

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Work and School

Afternoon Snack Program

Live Fit is partnering with the following local elementary schools to promote healthy afternoon snacks: East, Middle Canyon, Rose Springs, Scholar and St. Marguerite’s Catholic School.

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In the Community

Vine Street Market

Vine Street Market (197 W. Vine, Tooele) is now selling locally grown tomatoes and apples during the month of October! They are still offering Double Up Produce Days, spend $1 on produce, get a $1 of free produce. Take advantage of the offer and stop by to purchase some yummy locally grown tomatoes or apples!

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Mission Statement

To unite individuals and organizations in Tooele County with the common purpose of addressing a healthier lifestyle; to educate and empower citizens to make healthy choices; and to identify existing physical fitness, nutrition, and support resources and help create new resources in our community.


Tooele County citizens working together and utilizing local resources to make healthy lifestyle choices leading to increased physical activity, better nutrition and health, and improved quality of life.


Reshaping our community so the healthy choice is an easy choice at home, school, work, and in the community.

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Teacher Entry Form

In 1-2 paragraphs, please tell us what you did to promote wellness in your classroom this term: